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If you’re feeling unusually tired, or short of breath, experiencing a nagging back-ache between the shoulder blades, is your first thought  – “Gee, I wonder if I’m having a heart attack?”  For the average woman, probably not.  Due to the research focus on men over the last several decades, based on a now identified erroneous assumption that men and women were the same, at least as far as heart attack symptoms were concerned, there was an unintentional bias in both the reporting and descriptions of  “typical” heart attack symptoms.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, and while heart attacks are not the only thing “heart disease” relates to, they are certainly a significant item on the list.
First, what should you do if you think, just maybe, you might be having a heart attack?  Don’t hesitate, and don’t be embarrassed to seek emergency medical attention – in short, don’t wait it out.  While it may be indigestion, stress, anxiety, etc., the adage is: “Time is Muscle.”  If the heart is starving for blood, the longer you wait the greater the damage.  And one truism when it comes to heart tissue, once it’s gone, it won’t grow back.  A second fact: if caught early, before heart muscle has died, the damage can be reversible.

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