Teach Nursing in NorCal!!!


I have to take a break from the clinical instruction I’ve been doing for the last 2+ years at the NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield, CA for Dominican University of California. If you have the basic qualifications (active California License, BSN) and would like to take a once-a-week clinical rotation with a group of Dominican BSN students, please drop me a note!  The semester runs from Jan 17th to mid-May (approximately 15 weeks).

Previous experience teaching clinical nursing is not a requirement, but is certainly desirable. NorthBay is a great facility for teaching. The computer system is very functional, and the facility is committed to teaching future RNs.  In short, the RN staff take on the role of teaching their assigned student the tasks and skills for their case load, and rarely ask you to do the work for them.

This Spring the student cohort will be second semester BSN students. Thus, they have basic knowledge, but are stepping into the world of actually using their knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology to determine their plan of care and what their primary concerns are (or should be! – your experience and guidance is a fundamental aspect!)

So, at some minor risk for junk mail:  robert.dunlop@dominican.edu

Teaching Nursing is a unique and deeply fulfilling experience.  I do love the opportunity and experience, but am overloaded.  My perspective?  These are the RNs who will be caring for you.

What do you want them to know???

🙂 Stay Well!!!