221 Miles by Foot – The John Muir Trail

Bob at 240#

Bob at 240#

I’m at least 50 pounds lighter now, but still have a pair of unmet goals: 1) Drop yet another 20 pounds. 2) Repeat the trek I did in 2000 from Horseshoe Meadows (just south of Lone Pine, CA) to the Yosemite Valley – the John Muir Trail, but in reverse, just shy of 250 miles. Last time I lost some 20 pounds on the trail – then gained all back, and a bit more, after returning to a desk job with no plan to watch my diet.

Why south to north? Well first, I tend to be a contrarian, that, coupled with the “fact” that the trail gets incrementally easier each day when heading north is a significant psychological boost. Knowing each day’s effort may be just a smidgen easier is enough for me. Further, I know, from previous experience that I’ll meet a number of people worth talking with who are travelling in the “correct” direction, and few are heading my way; a solitary hike. 🙂

For now? I’m actively hiking in the local open space and Cal dept. of Forestry lands in and around St. Helena. Today’s plan was 5 miles in under two hours. However, a new blister on my right heel which developed at about 2 miles convinced me to bail at four miles. Tomorrow? Five’s the plan.
Ultimately, my goal is 3 – 4 ten mile practice hikes (with a 35 pound pack) each week, coupled with at least one, if not two 15 mile hikes per month. I know from past experience that to accomplish my goals I need to be able to do at least 15 miles a day, and at altitude, if I have any chance of meeting my goals.

Stay Well!!!